IndoTTS 0.9

Translates text sentences into Indonesian speech
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Convert any text sentence in a selected language into the voiced message. The utility specializes in the Indonesian language and dialects and works with sentences or paragraphs preserving dynamically adjustable intonations of voice bots. Direct output to the sound card is configurable.

TTS is a system that convert any text sentence in a specific language to be a speech in the same language. IndoTTS is Indonesian TTS. IndoTTS can convert any Indonesian text to be Indonesian speech.
Main features:
-Receive sentence or paragraph (multiple sentence) input
-Dynamic Indonesian Intonations
-Direct output to Soundcard
-Using High Quality Diphone Concatenation Technology
-Using Indonesian Diphone Database (free for non-commercial use only)
-Supported by updatable database that contain 2500 entries to spell "e" in Indonesian
-Program interface for Borland Delphi, Visual Basic and C .

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